Walking Sandals & Hiking Sandals

When summer comes, a pair of walking sandals are preferable to your usual walking shoes. Walking sandals are designed to be open, lightweight and breathable while offering all the grip and underfoot support you can expect from your favourite pair of walking boots. As proper manly mens sandals for summer, mens walking sandals are tough, good looking and hard wearing while being incredibly comfortable and supportive. Many walking sandals mens styles feature dual straps, nubuck leather uppers and serious trekking outsoles, making them ideal for outdoor adventures and everyday use. The toughest make great mens trekking sandals too and are perfectly suited to whole days on your feet. Womens walking sandals range from comfortable ladies walking sandals to serious walking sandals for women. Some styles are designed for everyday use with added cushioning, support and grip, while many others are designed for the great outdoors and made from hard wearing materials with secure straps, shock absorbing soles and tenacious all-terrain grips. So whether you're a lady of leisure or a woman of adventure, there's a fantastic selection of womens walking sandals available.

Hiking sandals are the ultimate in walking sandals. Unlike hiking shoes, they're far more light and breathable while offering excellent grip and underfoot support, borrowing outdoor soles from some of the best selling high performance hiking boot designs. Hiking sandals are for the hiking hardcore conquering the landscape in the height of summer.