Insoles for Walking Shoes and Boots

Here at FitnessFootwear.com we are proud to stock a wide range of insoles from industry leading brands, such as Superfeet. You might think that insoles are only for athletes or people with poor arches, well you’d be wrong. A good insole is an essential part of your wardrobe whether you’re walking to work or heading out for a trail run. By using the right insole you can enjoy an improved posture, overall fit of your shoes, cushioning and extended comfort. Insoles are an essential orthotic structure in today’s day and age where we spend more time than ever on the concrete pavements and less time in the forests and natural landscape. Our feet are designed to naturally adapt to the surface that we’re covering and over time when walking over flat surfaces our arches can collapse and become flat due to a lack of support. This is where a great insole such as those from our friends at Superfeet come in. Insoles are also essential for athletic performance and offer crucial shock absorption and cushioning. Whatever your schedule is, fit in a pair of premium quality insoles from FitnessFootwear for lasting comfort.