Following many cold Winter mornings changing in North Devon car parks, it was Dryrobe founder Gideon Bright’s mother who sparked the idea of a warm changing robe in the late 1980’s. Described by Bright as a ‘huge cape with light blue waterproof material on the outside and a dark blue towel lining with elasticated hole for your head’, it wasn’t until 2010 that the first Dryrobe as we know today was trialled in Woolacombe, Devon.

Initially recreating the robe at the request of a few close friends, the first official waterproof and windproof Dryrobe sold online in December 2010. Business snowballed from a laptop beside Bright’s bed to the garden shed, leading to serviced offices and finally their own space. Now in 2019, Dryrobe have teams based in the UK and the US, supporting outdoor athletes everywhere.