Workout Recovery Guide

February 8, 2019

Whether you’re a weekend runner or professional athlete, we understand that recovery is at the forefront of your mind after a long session. If you’re itching to get back out training or on the trail, recovery products and routines can certainly help you get there quicker.

Of course, a sufficient warm up and cool down is the key to promoting quick recovery. Warming up ensures adequate blood flow to your muscles to allow them to stretch and perform for your workout; reducing risk of injury and tears, and a cool down reduces build up of lactic acid; promoting a healthy recovery with less cramps and aches.

After your workout, it’s important to replace what your body has burned. Within 30 minutes of finishing your workout, you should eat something rich in carbs and protein, around the 200 calorie mark, and replenish fluids lost. Your muscles will be starved of glycogen and are itching to start the recovery process- which protein acts as a catalyst for.

At Fitness Footwear, we stock a range of recovery products, tools and tapes:

The set of 3 spikey massage trigger balls from Fitness Mad help to release muscle tension, in turn improving circulation and promoting a quick and healthy recovery. With 3 different hardnesses for a range of functions and the ability to remedy aches alone, they quickly become a gym bag essential.

The Fitness Mad Mini Roller Massage Tool targets fascia management to accelerate recovery times. Being small and lightweight, it’s easy to throw in your gym bag to use before or after a workout and relieve tight muscles.

The Rocktape 5cm x 5m Kinesiology Tape boasts 180% stretch (the same elasticity as skin) which allows a full range of motion, relieving muscle strain to allow quick recovery through increased blood-flow to the affected area.