Trail Running With Ben Gibbard

October 5, 2016


Here at we’re big fans of anything trail running, so you can imagine our excitement when we got the notification to head over and watch the latest episode of Salomon TV!

Salomon have been providing premium quality footwear for outdoor sports enthusiasts since 1947, and if they’ve learnt anything from their time in the game it’s the secret to the perfect trail running shoe. Founded in the beautiful country of Annecy, France Salomon has always been committed to providing footwear and apparel that’ll take you where no man or woman has been before. Originally focused on creating groundbreaking skiing gear their range has now expanded to include hiking boots, trail running shoes, recovery footwear, backpacks and all kinds of apparel.

From their first ever ski binding ‘le lift’ in 1957 to their Custom Fit 3D technology in 2013 and their back country range created in collaboration with top athletes in 2015 they have a rich and awe inspiring history.

So, looking back at all of this achievement you can see that Salomon is a brand that really knows their stuff and is passionate about outdoor sport. The latest episode of Salomon TV ‘The Musician’ is unlike anything we’ve seen from them before and when the video started rolling we were pleasantly surprised to see the familiar face of Death Cab For Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard.

In this exciting interview Ben talk’s about his passion for trail running, how it has helped him balance his musical career and how it helps to keep him grounded. In Ben’s words “running long distances and having my ass handed to me is a perfect way of breaking down one’s ego” and we couldn’t agree more.

There’s something so special about trail running, the connection you feel to your environment and the peace and tranquility that takes over is something you can only find on a great trail.