The Ultimate Work-Out Meal Prep

March 14, 2018

There’s nothing better than waking up feeling fresh and ready, but have you got your breakfast prep sorted for the ultimate burst of energy throughout the day? A healthy, engineered diet will not only help you lose weight if this is your aim, but will also help you bulk up and feel energised. Fuel up and gain the biggest benefits with some helpful hints from Fitness Footwear.



Caffeine– no doubt, a coffee is one of the first things you get your hands on in the morning to give you a boost of energy as you rise from your slumber, but also bare in mind the extra mental boost and increased awareness an energy or americano can give you.

Wheat and fibre– cereal bursting with oat or a round of toast gradually releases fibre into your bloodstream, keeping your energy levels consistent for the length of your workout. With the added B vitamins into your system, more carbohydrates can be converted into energy for an extra boost.

Bananas– everyone knows bananas are great for nerve and muscle function with all of its potassium and digestible carbs, so increased potassium levels just before a workout are great.  The team at Fitness Footwear love banana and cinnamon toast, complete with whole wheat bread for a mixed-bag of boosters to keep you going through your routine.


During your workout

Water– As you sweat during your workout, you can quickly become dehydrated, so it’s vital to keep a water bottle by your side.

Dextrose– Otherwise known as a glucose, it’s a sweet tasting sugar derived from corn starch. An energy bar will enter your system rapidly, stimulating a fast insulin response to trigger the transportation of muscle building nutrients to right where they’re needed.

Electrolytes– These chemicals form ions in body fluids, so specific bodily functions run at optimal levels. If there aren’t enough electrolytes, your body may cramp during your workout so mix some powder with your water or grab a Lucozade in time for your workout.



Carbs– Naturally, carbs replace muscle glycogen and improve the efficiency of insulin transporting nutrients into cells.

Protein– You guessed it, protein aids in protein synthesis. It’s great for your meal after your workout since it repairs and builds tissue which ultimately strengthens your muscles, as well as aiding your immune system to fight off illness; and serves as hormones all at the same time. We love a healthy meal of salmon and sweet potato with all of it’s protein perks, plus the salmon has bioactive peptides which reduces inflammation, regulates insulin levels and gives your joints extra support. With a side of sweet potatoes that restore glycogen levels as well as packing in complex carbs, this is a great dish to complete your work out.