Running with your Dog

August 10, 2018

Sometimes, we need a little motivation to get out the house and exercise, but when you see your little four legged friend waiting eagerly at the door, it’s almost impossible to resist. If you’re looking to log some miles with your pooch, we’ve created a few tips for your next run.

Picking a dog

If you haven’t decided what breed to choose, but want one that will love jogs as much as you do, it’s important to pick the right one. It’s ideal to choose a dog that isn’t going to pull you over if it’s too strong, as well as picking one that you can manage to train. It’s important to choose one that will suit your home life as much as your jogging life- Beagles love running, but hate being by themselves in the day, whereas a short-nosed breed like a Pug is likely to struggle with vigorous exercise.


Get a harness for your pooch. It will take the pressure away from the neck of the dog as well as showing the dog it’s not a casual walk.

Try a lead with an elasticated section for any sudden stops, or one that clips around your waist to keep your hands free.

Take poo bags with you. A waist pack is perfect for storing these as well as a water bottle for you and your dog.

A fluorescent collar and coat for dark nights.

Check your route for ticks before you come with your dog.

Warm up yourself and your dog. A couple of minutes of walking or slow jogging is ideal.

Try running in grassy trail areas. This is softer for your dog’s joints and paws than normal pavements, and these areas are more likely to be safe enough to let your dog off. Check for wildlife, other dogs, terrain and rules before letting your pup off.

Take water breaks for both you and the pooch.

Watch out for their paws. Any blistering from heat, stings from salty snow or cuts should be checked out when you return home.

Cool you and your pup down as you return home.


Run when it’s too hot. You don’t want your pup’s paws to blister, and it’s harder for dogs to cool down since they don’t sweat. If it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for your dog.

Running picks

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