Relax & Recover In Style With Oofos!

July 26, 2016

Perfect for relaxing after an intense crossfit session, a weekend hike with friends or even off duty style; Oofos is the latest brand to land here at Fitness Footwear.

Oofos began life as a group of friends brought together by the inspiration to fill the gap in the fitness industry with premium recovery footwear. Their ties date back to the athletic footwear boom of the 70s and today Oofos have used this experience to create innovative recovery footwear that utilises premium technology to absorb shock for comfort in every step after an intense workout session.


Oofoam technology reduces stress on your feet by absorbing 37% more impact than traditional foams, cradling your arches with a patented footbed and promoting natural movement with great flexibility.

Some of Oofos’ designs include the Ooah Sport, the Ooah Slide, the Ooriginal Womens and the Ooriginal Mens.

OOFOS OOah Sport Sandals

Oofos OOah Sport Sandals

The Oofos OOah Sport Sandals have been carefully designed to deliver superior comfort and cushioning after high intensity workouts. Whether it’s your next big race, a weekend hike with friends or your daily gym workout these innovative sandals will help you to recover. The OOah Sport Sandals boast Oofos’ own durable, shock absorbent OOfoam technology for luxurious comfort and expert recovery. They are also super lightweight and float in water, machine washable and bacteria resistant.

OOFOS OOah Slide Sandals

Oofos OOah Slide Sandals

The Oofos OOah Slide Sandals are the ultimate recovery slider. They boast an easy to slip on design that’s perfect for use after intense workouts and Oofos’ ground-breaking OOfoam technology that delivers 37% more shock absorption than traditional foam alternatives. The OOah Slide Sandals boast superior comfort, arch support and flexibility to promote natural movement and recovery after periods of intense exercise. Like the OOah Sport these sandals float on water, are lightweight, bacteria resistant and moisture resistant.

OOFOS OOriginal Womens Sandals

Oofos OOriginal Womens Sandals

The Oofos OOriginal Womens Sandals are arguably the most comfortable ladies thong sandals in the industry. These original flip flops boast a bright pop off colour thats perfect for casual style and Oofos’ own innovative OOfoam technology. They are lightweight and float in water, cushioning and absorb impact in each step and have a biomechanical footbed design that promotes natural movement and comfortable recovery after intense exercise.

OOFOS OOriginal Sandals

Oofos OOriginal Sandals

The Oofos OOriginal Sandals are the ultimate solution for comfortable recovery after races, workouts and extended periods of physical activity. These simple yet effective men’s flip flops boast their innovative OOfoam technology as well as moisture and bacteria resistance, a biomechanical footbed to enhance natural movement of the feet and a sleek finish that is perfect for casual style on off duty days.

So there you have Oofos; the latest brand to drop here on Fitness Footwear. Their footwear is casually stylish, effortlessly comfortable and thanks to their innovative technology it’s the ultimate essential for winding down after intense periods of physical activity.