Post-workout Recovery

May 9, 2018

Recovery is an important aspect of every work out, helping you to feel better, faster. Here at Fitness Footwear, we’re strong believers in doing everything we can to ease recovery, so here are 4 essential tips to help that post-workout.

Cool Down

As your heart rate decreases, your body will naturally cool down, but sitting down straight after a work out can cause your muscles to stiffen up. Incorporate a 5 minute cool down into every work out to bring your workout to a close.

Like the cool down, it’s essential that you stretch the muscles you’ve worked after your work out. We know most people seem reluctant to do this, so combining the cool down with the stretches kills two birds with one stone.

Foam Rolling

Foam rolling works in the same way as a massage, working out all of those kinks and knots you may have after a work out. It may hurt short term, but it’ll soon soothe tired and sore muscles. Check out our range of Fitness Mad gear for foam rollers and massage tools.


Compression wear is crafted to reduce toxins in the muscle, improve blood circulation, speed up lactate metabolism, and aid recovery. Many people swear by compression as a crucial aspect of recovery, so make sure you get stocked up with compression gear.


As we work out, we create tiny tears in our muscles which repair as they grow. You’ll see protein buds downing a shake post-workout, because our muscles require the protein to build themselves back up again. It’s easy to make a protein shake for a quick, effective way of building up protein, or can make delicious meals high in protein- every little helps.