Beginner’s Gear : Trail Running

March 26, 2019

Perhaps the most important piece of kit for a Trail Runner, is their shoes. Trail running shoes ensure grip and stability on uneven terrain thanks to unique, deep tread patterns specific to each trail running discipline. Both support and defence from rocks and roots on the trail is at the forefront of any trail shoe spec, equipped with rigid soles and protection hidden in the shoe where required.

La Sportiva Akyra Shoes

Equipped with exclusive La Sportiva Trail Rocker system, the Akyra shoe promotes both natural flexibility and foot support during your run. With a secure fit provided by the innovative 3 layer breathable upper and FriXion XT tread with Impact Brake System; the Akyra has everything you need to start running on off-road terrain. 

La Sportiva Helios 2.0 Trail Running Shoes

The Helios 2.0 Trail Running Shoes from La Sportiva are designed for hard off-road terrain. Sitting comfortably in the Mountain Running Series, they are extremely lightweight and breathable thanks to the EVA and Mesh uppers. Perfect for everyday wear to rocky trail paths and everything in-between, the Helios 2.0 will get you from your door all the way to the trail and further.

La Sportiva Mutant Shoes

The La Sportiva Mutant Shoes feature a super sticky FriXion XF sole to keep you glued to slippery, wet and muddy terrain. Combining all the protective functionalities of a traditional trail running shoe, such as an integrated gaiter to defend against mud and stones, with La Sportiva SpyralTongue technology, easy entry is provided yet an excellent fit is guaranteed thanks to the Integrated Fusiongate Technology Lacing Harness.