Autumn Running Tips

September 26, 2018

Humid, sticky runs are a thing of the past now autumn has well and truly begun. Cool, crisp mornings and evenings combine with warmer mid-day weather to provide a range of temperatures to suit you, but it’s still important to be prepared for the new season. Read on for our autumn running tips.

Layer up

It might feel incredibly cold when you first step out, but you’ll soon be heating up once you begin to run. Therefore, layers make it easy to stay comfortable with the ability to shed and gain them as you move. Choose a moisture wicking base layer, zip hoody to battle any elements and longer pants to cover up. check out our post on ‘How to dress for running’ for more information.

Take a look at your current autumn wardrobe and see if there’s anything missing for the fall season. Headbands, hats and gloves are essential to beat the chill of the winter air; we’d specifically recommend a headband such as the Gore Running Mythos to keep your ears warm without overheating your head. If the underfoot conditions are wet, frosty or muddy, a pair of trail shoes will provide crucial grip and support.

It’s also important to remember that the beginning or ends of your runs are likely to take place in the dark due to the shorter days, so it’s crucial you stay visible to traffic. Choose gear with reflective features such as the Gore Running R3 Windstopper or Salomon’s SpeedSpike CS shoes.


Autumn is the perfect time to explore the local trails and parks near your home. Areas filled with trees provide a real treat for your senses, with fallen leaves and fresh smells coming to life. However, be careful when running through fallen leaves and keep an eye out for potential hazards; leaves could cover up small holes, tree stumps, thorns or other hidden menaces.

If the weather is against you, indoor workouts like these or runs on the treadmill will prevent you from heading out on an unsafe run.

Cross country was always a new school year tradition, so you could bring this forward into your autumn regime. It’s easy to find a local club to take part with, or run on your own to help build strength and stamina.