5 Best Indoor Workouts

August 31, 2018

The chill is in the air now we’re reaching September, and sometimes the thought of heading out for a morning jog loses out to our warm house. However, that doesn’t mean no exercise at all; there are plenty of workouts to do at home. Here at Fitness Footwear, we’ve chosen five of our favourite effective and free indoor workouts to do any time.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks may be reminiscent of your school days, but they’re perfect for warm ups on colder days. Stand with your feet together pointing forwards, with your arms straight at your sides. Bend your knees and push your legs out to the sides whilst lifting your arms out and up. Jump back into your starting position and repeat; easy.


If you don’t have much time for exercise, the plank is the perfect choice to build up your core muscles. To do the plank, position yourself into a push-up stance, and hold the position with your arms extended. Try starting with a 30 second plank and add 5 seconds every day; let us know how long you can plank for! If you want to mix up the plank, stretch one arm forward and hold the position for 5 seconds before alternating arms for 4 sets.

Stair Stepping

Whether you have a stair case or not, stair stepping is an easy exercise. Step up and down the stairs to keep yourself healthy, or even pop a sturdy chair in front of your TV and workout whilst watching your favourite show.

Mountain Climber

This exercise works out nearly every muscle group in your body whilst getting your heart rate up; the ultimate full body workout. Strength training, core strength and cardio all feature in this workout; have we caught your eye? Begin in a plank position and pull your right knee into your chest, before quickly switching and pulling your left knee in. Keep switching your knees as if you are ‘running’ and make sure you keep your spine and head straight.

Wall Sit

The wall sit is a classic move, so mix it up with some added bicep curls. Put your back to the wall and slide down until your thighs are parallel to the ground with your knees directly above the ankles. Aim for 60 seconds per set, or until your legs turn to jelly!

Indoor clothing

The warmth of your house means you’ll stay warm, making short sleeved base layers the perfect choice. The X-Bionic Invent Summerlight womens top is ideal for indoor workouts and brings you through to the summer months outside with its air conditioning effect. Odlo’s 3 Quarter Maia womens bottoms come in a simple yet stylish design; cutting off just below your knees for supreme comfort. We also love Inov8’s Lite 250 womens training shoes for indoor workouts; the light weight is perfect for dynamic indoor movements, and minimal rubber means less floor marks.

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