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No matter how good your footwear is whether you're trekking through the wilderness or running your daily route, you're bound to get blisters, sores and feel uncomfortable if you're not wearing the right socks, but with the incredible range of X-Socks you'll never have that worry again. X-Socks feature the pinnacle of technology in performance fabrics, some you would expect to be on premium footwear rather than underwear so you can expect protective cushioning in key areas completely eradicating chafing, sores and blisters no matter how long your journeys are. The X-Socks also feature cooling channels that keep your feet at a constant temperature reducing sweat and over-heating and self adjusting cuffs so they won't slip down your ankles or calves no matter how hard you run. Every pair of X-Socks are made from a composite of materials like merino wool, NODOR, Elastane and nylon making them very comfortable. You can buy X-Socks right here at FitnessFootwear.com today.