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Skins Base Layers and Apparel

Skins Base Layers and Apparel

Back in 1996, an Aussie skier came up with an idea to feel ten years younger, so with his knowledge in that improved blood circulation meant more oxygen would be supplied to muscles, he knew they would work harder and longer, whilst recovering faster. With this in mind, he contacted different experts, including NASA, to create compression wear that improves stamina, power, and recovery. Professional athletes started wearing them, leading to SKINS apparel being sold in 31 countries today.

Here at Fitness Footwear, we’ve handpicked a collection of premium SKINS compression wear for both men and ladies. The sportswear range suits every activity from light workouts at the gym to professional runs, to rugby tryouts, with cutting edge design and gradient compression technology. Scientifically proven to improve blood flow, the SKINS sport designs mean you can train harder for longer whilst looking great.