Walking Boots & Hiking Boots

You don't need to invest in a lot of kit if you want to get out and active in the great British countryside, but top of your list of purchases should be a sturdy and supportive pair of walking boots. Whilst a pair of trainers will see you comfortable over easy terrain, when you have to take on more challenging routes, or when you want to up the hours and head out for extended walks, trainers are often found lacking support.

The feet can take a real pounding when heading off road, but even urban walkers can benefit from the added support that a good quality pair of leather walking boots offers. If you are loathed to leave your trainers at home, there is a wide range of mid-boots to choose from, which are constructed with the same level of cushioning of outdoor trainers, but with better support for the ankles for dealing with tougher terrain. However if you plan on taking on the most challenging routes, then a full grain leather boot becomes the better choice.

So whether you're after a lightweight pair of high performance, waterproof boots for a week away in the dales or something more sturdy for casual countryside strolls and dog walking, we have a great selection of hiking boots available.