Walking Boots & Hiking Boots

You don't need to invest in a lot of kit if you want to get out and active in the great British countryside, but top of your list of purchases should be a sturdy and supportive pair of walking boots. Whilst a pair of trainers will see you comfortable over easy terrain, when you have to take on more challenging routes, or when you want to up the hours and head out for extended walks, trainers are often found lacking support.

The feet can take a real pounding when heading off road, but even urban walkers can benefit from the added support that a good quality pair of leather walking boots offers. If you are loathed to leave your trainers at home, there is a wide range of mid-boots to choose from, which are constructed with the same level of cushioning of outdoor trainers, but with better support for the ankles for dealing with tougher terrain. However if you plan on taking on the most challenging routes, then a full grain leather boot becomes the better choice.

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Take you pick of the best hiking boots from the biggest outdoor brands. Hiking boots are typically waterproof and hard wearing with plenty of ankle support and cushioning for carrying a heavy ruck sac.

So whether you're after a lightweight pair of high performance, waterproof hiking boots for a week away in the dales or something more sturdy for casual countryside strolls and dog walking, we have a great selection of hiking boots available. If you're looking for a pair of premium quality hiking boots, let us recommend Salomon hiking boots as the perfect place to start.

Hiking boots are important to wear if you are hiking anywhere that's rocky, as they support the ankles and can save you from injuries. It's also important that you choose a pair that have room left for thicker socks, especially if you are hiking in the winter!

Mens Hiking Boots

We offer a wide range of mens hiking boots from traditional brown leather boots to the latest modern hiking boots made from ballistic nylon and super lightweight technologies. So whether you're looking for a new pair of your favourite hiking boots or a top of the range model to march over mountains, we've got the hiking boots for you.

Womens Hiking Boots

Womens hiking boots offer the same comfort, support and protection as mens hiking boots, but come in a wide range of cool, seasonal colours, beautifully blending fashion with function. But if you'd prefer a pair of rugged brown leather hiking boots, then there's still plenty of choice.

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If you're hiking on a budget, we have loads of cheap hiking boots available. As an online retailer, all our discount hiking boots are 10% off, but many of our hiking boots have been further reduced to clear. So you'll always find something worth having in our hiking boots sale.

Here at Fitnessfootwear.com we have an extensive range of walking boots to choose from, and to help you narrow down the selection bear in mind the following factors, and you'll have all the technology necessary for comfort and support, without unnecessary adding to your load with features you'll never need.

Lightweight Design

One of the biggest mistakes people make when choosing their first pair of walking boots, is serious overkill on the technology. It stands to reason that if you are not going to be taking on the world's toughest peaks, you will not need a pair of mountaineering boots. The more robust the design, the heavier the boot will be, and if you want to stay light on your feet you need to choose lightweight boots, which match the terrain you plan to cover. There is a considerable weight difference between models, with a pair of ultra lightweight walking boots being less than 750g a pair, whereas some brands will see you stomping around with over 1200g. That extra half kilo will increase the work you have to do, and you will feel the difference at the end of the day. Naturally there is a trade off between lightweight construction and durability, and the extra protection that sturdier boots offer is worth the extra weight if you plan to take on challenging terrain, but if you are only going to be on the trail, lightweight is the way forward.

Hard Wearing Uppers

The most popular material for walking boots is leather, with traditional brown leather walking boots still being the biggest selling models. Leather offers a good degree of waterproofing, is easy to look after, and the leather improves with age. It will give you a highly comfortable fit and a good long lifespan, although it can take a little while to break in and get really comfortable. Leather is great for taking on harder terrain, being robust enough to deal with scrapes from jagged rocks on higher altitude hikes. Mid-boots are often based on trainer styles, and use suede's, nubuck and thinner and more flexible leather. They offer comfort straight out of the box, and little to no time to break in. However, you will find that they need to be replaced more often, and the uppers may not be robust enough for taking on more arduous routes.

Waterproofing and Breathability

If you are a fair weather walker, and a spot of rain sees you postponing your adventure, then the extra weight which comes with a waterproof lining may not be worth carrying around with you. However, with the highly changeable British weather, it often pays to have the waterproofing and not need it, than need it and not have it. Cold and wet feet can make a walk or hike a misery, and wet boots will increase the chance of getting blisters. Gore-Tex fabric, often denoted with the initials GTX, is a remarkable material which will ensure total waterproofing and windproofing, whilst not affecting breathability. The Gore-Tex membrane contains millions of microscopic holes which are large enough to allow steam to escape, but too small for liquid water to pass through. If you want to be dry, look out for a Gore-Tex gasket t lining in the design. Some brands, such as Hi-Tec, have developed their own fabrics which serve the same purpose, and eVent is another great choice for total weatherproofing.


Walking boots can be ultra lightweight and flexible for keeping you moving at a fast pace, or highly rigid to give extra support for taking on hard and highly uneven terrain. Walking boots usually feature a rigid shank which runs the length of the boot, to provide greater support for the feet when heading off the trail. The more robust stiffer boots are better suited for winter walking when the ground is hard and unyielding, and for rocky trails and higher altitude hikes. Look out for a full length shank and rigid design if you are planning on trekking or backpacking, and for multi-day adventures your feet will need the extra support.


Pay attention to the design of the outsoles, as these differ considerably between brands and models. Many boots offer sticky rubber outsoles, with Vibram soles one of the best for grip on the trail and over soft ground. The rubber sticks to the trail, but there is a trade off between stickiness and durability. Harder wearing rubber is better for punishing terrain, and if you are considering buying an expensive pair of leather boots, check to see if they can be re-soled. The uppers are sure to last for a good 8-10 years; however the outsoles may need to be replaced during that time to ensure a high level of traction is maintained.




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