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OOFOS Recovery Sandals

OOFOS Recovery Sandals

The story of OOFOS goes back to the influx of technical footwear in the ‘70s & ‘80s that saw running shoes and athletic and sports trainers become increasing sought after. A group of friends founded during that era decided to create premium footwear that would help athletes recover more effectively after a work out and after two years of research and development; OOFOS was born. The idea behind OOFOS recovery sandals is to do the opposite of sports footwear which primarily work on rebound and energy return for more power and control in each foot-strike by absorbing shock continually after a workout session or long run. The result has seen OOFOS engineer a foam technology ‘OOFOAM’ along with a biomechanical footbed so that OOFOS recovery footwear not only do so, but reduce stress on the feet, knees and back all while cradling the arches and providing greater natural motion than equivalent sports sandals in an ultra-lightweight construction. Give your feet the recovery and relaxation they deserve with OOFOS Sandals here at FitnessFootwear.com.