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Mizuno were founded over a century ago with the continued aim to make revolutionary sports footwear and sports equipment of the highest quality that is both unique to Mizuno and any other sports product on the globe. The team at Mizuno live for taking part in the sports world by innovating new technologies with their Mizuno Shoes and Mizuno Sport Shoes that aid and enhance sports and athletic performance.

Mizuno have firmly placed themselves as a global leading brand with their Mizuno Running Shoes, Mizuno Running Trainers as is shown in their bestselling Mizuno Wave Shoes and Mizuno Wave Trainers. The versatility of the Mizuno Footwear allows anyone to enjoy their favourite sports no matter the conditions of the weather or terrain and also works with your body's own style and movement for unrivalled comfort and support.

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The best selling Mizuno Wave range of running shoes takes its name from the Mizuno Wave plate -an alternative form of stability and cushioning employed in all Mizuno running trainers from the classic Mizuno Wave Rider to the latest Mizuno Wave Creation.

The Mizuno Wave plate provides excellent cushioning by dispersing the force of impact across a larger surface area, employing wave like shapes to increase this surface area within a confined space. You can clearly see these wave shapes on the Mizuno trainers.

Meanwhile the Wave plate provides stability by resisting compression upon impact in high pressure areas of the shoe to correct pronation and provide a neutral running gait. The AP+ Midsole, engineered to provide exceptional performance in terms of cushioning durability, increased rebound and springy feel. AP+ also retains 80% if its cushioning, even after 600km.

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