Caterpillar Boots

Caterpillar Boots

The Caterpillar Boots range from FitnessFootwear.com. We have the full range of the best selling styles for you to choose from so if you are looking for a range of rugged, durable and reliable boots then look no further.

Since their beginning, over two decades ago, Cat Footwear have produced instantly recognisable styles of boots and shoes. Honey coloured Cat Boots have long been the staple boot for workers looking for durability,quality and reliability across the world. Now branching in many different styles the brand has truly diversified - staying close to their workwear roots every item is crafted with toughness, quality and style.

CAT boots for men are tough, hard wearing and good looking with chunky treads and a mid cut for full on foot support. The best selling Caterpillar mens boots of all time are the Caterpillar Colorado and it's clear to see why with it's iconic Caterpillar work boot styling. These workwear boots are timeless classics that continue to be an extremely popular choice for a solid reliable boot, whether it be on the construction site or on the street.

There is also a growing range of Caterpillar boots ladies styles, which bring biker styled inspiration to to this rugged fashion brand. The ladies Caterpillar Anna boot is incredibly popular with it's high cut, thick heel and aggressive tread. The womens range features high quality suedes and leathers in a variety of fashionable styles.

Renowned for machines, engines and work tools, Caterpillar began making Caterpillar shoes with distinctive caterpillar tracks, bulldozers and yellow paint scheme to appeal to their construction workers.

Founded in the United States, Caterpillar is a global company with a major presence in the UK, in order to serve their European customers with everything from natural gas engines to ladies fashion shoes.

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