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Bridgedale Socks

One of the leading performance garment brands across the globe; Bridgedale have been producing premium outdoor sport socks since the early 1980's. Having a continual mission to provide the most comfortable technical performance socks available has resulted in a grand range of Bridgedale Socks ideal for all kinds of activities from mountain alpine treks to woodland walks and summer trail running. One of the key features to each pair of Bridgedale performance socks is the duel natural and synthetic fibre and yarn combinations such as Merino wool, Viscose from Bamboo, Lycra and CuPED that create greater comfort and properties like moisture wicking, insulation and even anti-microbial coating on different versions depending on the climate or activity they're needed for. Bridgedale walking socks available here at FitnessFootwear.com expertly work to give the best performance you can find for lasting comfort.