The North Face Shoes, Boots & Sandals

The North Face Shoes, Boots & Sandals

North Face shoes are designed to overcome any challenge. The North Face takes its name from the coldest, most unforgiving side of a mountain. So it's no surprise that their footwear is tough and hard wearing with excellent grip while offering plenty of comfort and support. The North Face started making walking shoes and hiking boots in the 90s to meet the demands of outdoor enthusiasts and today their footwear range has grown to include North Face trainers, sandals and even slippers! We're big fans of The North Face here at FitnessFootwear.com and stock a wide range of North Face shoes, boots, trainers, sandals, slippers, mules and even snow boots! So if you're looking for your first pair of North Face shoes, read our North Face Footwear Guide below for a quick run down: When it comes to trainers, North Face trainers are some of the very best. The North Face Hedgehog trainers are particularly amazing, boasting the latest in trail running technology, spikey grips, Gore-Tex protection and incredible comfort. So whether you're looking for a cool, casual trainer or a high performance trail running shoe, we highly recommend North Face Hedgehog trainers to everyone.

North Face boots are some of the best walking boots that money can buy. When North Face multi-sport shoes won't do, a solid pair of North walking boots are the best answer when comfort and performance are your priorities. North Face hiking boots are waterproof, breathable and abrasion resistant to meet all your outdoor needs.

When it comes to sandals, North Face sandals are incredibly comfortable and stylish, taking the extreme sports style North face are renown for ad blending it with innovative, comfort enhancing design to create something completely unique, eye catching and supportive.