Running Clothing Guide

Choosing the right type of Running Clothing is important as if you make your decision based on what the temperature is at your home location or if the weather forecast isn’t checked before you leave for your route you could end up wearing too much or not enough depending on how the climate changes.  This can affect performance by being uncomfortable if you are too cold or are overheating and carrying too much so it’s always best to research and plan ahead if you’re new to long distance running.


Running Preparation

Getting the most up to date forecast for your intended route is essential especially if it is marathon length and spans miles where there is time for the weather conditions to change as the day goes on whereas for shorter runs it is unlikely to change too quickly making it easier to plan ahead.

Time of year is also another factor to consider as generally during the summertime it will become hotter in an afternoon and during colder seasons it is obviously cooler but more likely to change with wet and windy conditions.

Knowing the conditions and the type of running route you’re going on means you can look at finding the right type of Running Clothing.

Running Clothing

There is a wide range of Running Clothing available that not only suits varying weather conditions but types of run as well with others providing extra support and comfort to work to helping overall performance.  In this guide we have broken down the available clothing into their individual types to make it easier to discover what each can do for you.

Running Jackets

Ideal for colder weather conditions Running Jackets are designed to offer protection from the rain, wind and some can offer differing levels of insulation as well all while being much more lightweight than you would expect.  A lot of the major brands like Montane and OMM use existing or create their own technical fabrics so they use synthetic microfibres that offer protection and tend to be durable and often breathable too.  Many feature adjustable elements for more control over the fit, to lessen heat loss or aid cooling around the hems, cuffs and sometimes hoods as well.  You will find that running jackets still have pockets for essential items plus reflective strips to help increase visibility in low light all in a packable garment.

Running Tops

Both short and long-sleeved tops are available specifically for running and tend to feature elements similar to base layers such as technical fabrics and weaves so that they have lasting durability and commonly have moisture wicking systems so that the more active a person becomes they will still stay cool and dry.  Also included in this are running vest tops which may be a preference for when you want some insulation and protection but allows for more regulated cooling with the arms being exposed.

Running Shorts & Leggings

The main difference when choosing between either running shorts or leggings is basically what the weather conditions are but it may also come down to personal preference as well as a lot of the fabrics and technical features are fairly similar as they need to the same job.  Obviously if the weather is warmer or you will be running a great distance then shorts are a better choice as they will keep you cooler but for colder climates leggings can offer that extra bit of insulation you need at the right time to stay comfortable.

Base & Compression Layers

Base Layers and compression running garments work slightly differently but both tend to be worn under other running clothing as they are extremely lightweight and wear very closely to the skin.  Base Layer tops and shorts from brands such as 2XU, Under Armour and Helly Hansen work to stretch and conform to the natural body shape for comfort and ensuring a full range of motion is maintained while at the same time wicking away perspiration from the surface of the skin so you are left feeling dry and cool.  Compression base layers have the added feature of offering muscle support to lessen fatigue over long-distance runs and marathons by helping to increase blood flow.

Gloves & Socks

Garments like Gloves & Socks dedicated to running aren’t always something you would normally think of but can make enough of a difference to increase your comfort and support as therefore your performance.  Running Gloves are lightweight like all dedicated clothing to the sport but makes all the difference by keeping your hands warm when the weather becomes chilly, plus keeping them dry as well and certain gloves by The North Face even have touch-screen device compatibility making it easy to use your phone.  Running Socks from brand’s like Thorlo, X-Socks and SealSkinz are fairly varied with many of the brands offering different features like breathability, insulation some have arch support and others cushioning or even dedicated abrasion resistant zones so if you know what is likely to occur on your chosen route it’s easy to find a pair that will help make it more comfortable and work with your running shoes.

Choosing the right type of Running Clothing for your needs is important so hopefully this guide will make things clearer in finding the right ones for you with us at Fitness Footwear.

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On Running The Cloud Shoes

Every so often a pair of technical sporting footwear comes along to change everything with the aim of aiding running performance for the greatest lasting comfort and support which is something that has been achieved with The Cloud Shoes from On Running.

On Olive-FlameIf you are unfamiliar with On they are a Swiss brand born from a desire to simply create the perfect running shoe which led to the development of their CloudTec technology which consists of a number of ‘hollow’ pods that flex and grip in a way that allows for a cushioned and almost soft impact that effectively transfers it into greater pushing off force for better performance in place of more common treads and lugs.  This invention combined with an ultra-lightweight yet supportive structure has resulted in incredible performance for everyone and a whole new running sensation.

On Navy WhiteThe most popular footwear in their collection are the On Running The Cloud Shoes which are perfect for anyone who wants a light shoe with maximum cushioning.  Using their Zero-Gravity foam means each pair has lightweight cushioning which combined with sixteen CloudTec pods which makes every footstrike feel soft by distributing the pressure equally amongst them resulting in an effortless yet hard push-off plus it works well to protect the feet from any water and mud on your route.  Other features included in the On The Cloud footwear are a shaft enforcement for increased support while the upper consists of breathable mesh to help keep your feet dry as you work up a sweat, reflective details to ensure you are more visible in low-light plus extra lace loops for more personalisation.

It’s easy to see why the On Running The Cloud Shoes are bestsellers and favoured by amateur and professional runners alike to not only enjoy the most comfortable run available but have the most effortless performance as well; plus you can find them here at Fitness Footwear.

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