Jack Wolfskin Outdoor Gear – New to Fitness Footwear

Jack Wolfskin is an important active lifestyle clothing and accessory brand who have spent the past thirty years encouraging everyone to get out and enjoy the outdoors by making a product range that has been designed to make life in the wilderness much more comfortable and we’re happy to say that this sought after outerwear company is available at FitnessFootwear.com.

Jack WolfskinEveryone knows that spending any length of time in the outdoors can be met with a varied range of climate conditions even with the most accurate weather prediction equipment available and with Jack Wolfskin Outdoor Gear you have clothing that will keep you protected against the elements.  They are constantly inventing new fabrics, materials and constructions that work hard to keep out colder temperatures, rain and wind chill while being comfy to wear and lightweight therefore adding very little to everything you have to carry.  These features make the Jack Wolfskin Jackets and pants perfect for exploring the wilderness and with extras like their walking socks to help keep your feet supported during hours of treks makes them a must.

Besides the clothing ranges the Jack Wolfskin Outdoor Gear also includes a range of luggage mostly consisting of rucksacks and backpacks that have been carefully designed to offer features and function essential for the outdoors.  The Jack Wolfskin packs not only include varying compartment features for organising and storing essential kit but also has an ‘Air Control System’ that creates a gap between it and the back for a controlled airflow adding to overall comfort.  Choose Jack Wolfskin Outdoor Gear the next time you plan hiking or trekking anywhere in the world.

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Compliment comfort with Teko Walking Socks

It can be surprising to find that with even the most comfortable pair of shoes or boots with the pinnacle of technical features if you wear the wrong socks it can quickly make any trek, hike or run fairly unpleasant.  All it takes is a sock to move out of alignment or a fold to develop and it can be very distracting but all that can be replaced with even more comfort than before with a pair of Teko Walking Socks.

Teko SocksA decade ago Teko started making walking and sports socks for the best possible performance with the least amount of effect to the environment by manufacturing in a sustainable way and continually aim to spread the message of eco-friendly production across the globe.  Each pair of Teko Walking Socks is designed by a team that includes bio-mechanical experts who know the ways in which the foot works to absorb impact and keep us moving forward so they ensure premium fabrics are used in the most effective ways.  This includes moisture-wicking breathable fabrics like Merino wool, insulating ones plus other aspects like cushioned footbeds, anti-abrasion zones, arch supports, articulated heels and comfortable thick cuffs.  All of these help to accentuate normal freedom of movement allowing for natural flex while continually remaining in place no matter how tough the terrain gets so your feet remain comfortable even after hours of walking.

In addition to Teko Walking Socks available here at FitnessFootwear.com there are also other sports socks from the brand including running socks, skiing socks, cycling and even just comfy casual pairs as well so no matter what type of outdoor activity is being undertaken there are Teko socks suited to any footwear.

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