Keep steady on trails with Leki Walking Poles

Trekking your way around the globe requires premium walking equipment to help keep you going on some of the toughest terrain our planet has to offer and with Leki Walking Poles you have a quality piece of hiking gear that offers a versatile way of helping walkers everywhere keep going.

LekiThe name Leki will be familiar to hikers that have been enjoying the outdoors for a number of years as they have proven themselves to be one of the most reliable and innovative brands for walking equipment around, even picking up awards and critical acclaim along the way.  One of the main reasons for the success Leki has had is their understanding that different people have various individual needs from a hiking pole that range from differences in terrain, weather conditions, size, overall weight and more so their range of Leki Walking Poles have been designed to reflect those requirements.

Each Leki Hiking Pole is made with durable, lightweight materials like aluminium and carbon so they are easy to carry and while certain models have height adjustment capabilities, or anti-shock systems others are designed to be packable so simply fold away at the touch of a button and all vary with different levels of grip so there is always plenty of choice for everyone.  One key factor all walking poles need is stability which is why all the components and aspects of design and manufacturing are made to give the poles perfect stability with every single step you make, find your ideal Leki Walking Pole today at

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Merrell Chameleon 5 Shoes win ‘Best Footwear Award’

The Merrell Chameleon footwear collection has been among the best hiking and walking shoes around; a bestseller each new season that is continually updated to simply make it more advanced and comfortable than ever and the latest version the Merrell Chameleon 5 has proved to have done so well it has been awarded this years’ ‘Outdoor Enthusiast – Best Footwear’ Award from the hugely successful Outdoor Enthusiast Magazine.

Merrell BoulderIt’s easy to see why the Merrell Chameleon 5 Shoes have been awarded and are bestsellers as well when you look at all of the design and attention to detail that has gone into each pair.  They have been made to battle the toughest terrain anyone can face on a hike while providing comfort and support with each step thanks to a number of expert technologies like a GORE-TEX performance liner membrane that keeps the feet dry in wet, warm weather conditions and a Vibram Chameleon 5 rubber outsole for grip and traction when needed most.  The overall Strobel construction of the shoe besides binding these and other tech together is comprised of features like an EVA insole and footframe, an external heel stability arm and a grade 6 nylon insole which gives them lasting comfort and supports and protects the feet against harder footstrike impacts and rough terrain.  Each pair of Merrell Chameleon 5 trainers also have a pig suede upper which has mesh sections that work with the bellows tongues to keep debris and dirt out of the interior of them.

The second you put your feet into the Merrell Chameleon Fives you are instantly aware of the quality, comfort and secure fit that keeps on going even after hours of walking and hiking trails.  You can find the Merrell Chameleon 5 Shoes at which includes the Vent versions for more breathability and no waterproofing which is also available in a Mid-collar variation as well ensuring plenty of options for everyone.

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