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When you think of Oakley, most think of the sunglasses. We've all seen them, the bikers that fly by in their smart shades, the girls on the beach with their gorgeous glasses and just about anyone that knows a good pair of sunnies when they see them. But although Oakley is defined by their unrivalled High Definition Optics, Oakley's range goes much further than their selection of Oakley Sunglasses.

Oakley Footwear takes that action sport element and splashes it all over their superior range of shoes by offering Oakley Flip Flops and slip on Oakley Sandals that are just as comfortable on the beach as they are in the street. Using the same high quality and comfort elements that Oakley are praised for throughout their other product ranges, Oakley's Footwear division is one to rival even the most sought after shoe brands. And at FitnessFootwear.com there's a whole range of funky styles of Oakley Shoes to choose from, all with free delivery!

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